Officially Integrated into TRON, Launching First On-Chain Display of KAWS's NFT (全球新闻稿发布)

发布日期:2021-09-16 15:49

On September 13, TRON tweeted to announce that the time-honored exchange has completed its integration with the TRC721 standard and BTFS, officially joining the TRON ecosystem. In parallel, will partner with APENFT Foundation to launch the first on-chain display of the NFT work "UNTITLED (KIMPSONS)" by KAWS on September 15.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
As a premium public chain that is equally competent in terms of its ecosystem, performance, and security, TRON provides a better user experience and diverse asset choices for NFT participants. In return, supports TRON-based NFT assets, and leverages cross-chain communication to achieve compatibility and interconnection with NFT assets on other mainstream public chains while delivering aggregated transactions. The alliance of the two is expected to bring greater momentum and possibilities to the NFT field as a whole. Down the road, the two sides will also further their collaboration in technologies, marketing, etc.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

The first event by following its integration with TRON will take place on September 15, where the exchange will join hands with APENFT Foundation from the TRON ecosystem to unveil the first on-chain display of the NFT work "Untitled (KIMPSONS)" by KAWS.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
This artwork, created by KAWS in 2001, was purchased by Justin Sun for HK$2.5 million at the art auction "CONTEMPORARY CURATED:ASIA", the first-ever collaboration between Jay Chou and Sotheby's.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
Prior to this event, also worked with APENFT Foundation on the first on-chain exhibition of "Portrait", a dedicated NFT painting by renowned Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi for Justin Sun, founder of TRON.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
In parallel with the on-chain display of KAWS's works, an NFT blind box series produced by APENFT Foundation, of which the artworks are contributed by community artists in tribute to KAWS, will be listed on NFT Magic Box. Justin will guest on in support of the series after it goes live.    (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

Recently, the NFT social platform DeFine and the NFT infrastructure Talken, among other projects, have been incorporated into the TRON ecosystem in joint pursuit of exploration and innovation in NFT. The addition of gives TRON another edge in this field.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

TRON is one of the top three public chains and one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. It has recently witnessed rapid growth in its ecosystem, with a total of over 53 million users and over 2.4 billion transactions on the public chain. Since this year, TRON has been active in the world of NFT. Besides launching the first NFT standard TRC-721 in March, it has improved the world's largest distributed storage system BTFS, providing a comprehensive and efficient infrastructure for transforming artworks into NFTs on blockchain.  (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

Founded in 2013, is one of the ten most established exchanges around the globe. It now provides close to 100 types of trading and investment services specific to digital assets for millions of users from 130 countries worldwide. As the two powers forge an alliance, they will join hands in building and improving NFT-centered infrastructures in this emerging sphere to deliver one-stop NFT services for varied ecosystems. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)