First Sight – VSAREA Debuts In New York Fashion Show Week (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

发布日期:2021-09-14 12:20

VSAREA is a new fashion and lifestyle brand. The designer’s personal life experience inspires its design. Starting from the woman herself, no matter what role she is in, she has a certain pursuit of exquisiteness. Life-long passion and romance – integrating the pursuit of enduring passion into the visuals and the fun in life into romance- is how the brand’s idea was born. As a mother of two, the brand creator has always been an optimistic and cheerful person in life, romantic by nature but not indulging in the traditional view of romance, always finding the fun and passion in life and bringing such joy into her romance. As her husband is an international designer, she has been influenced by art and beauty during her time with him. And with her unique vision, she brings these factors into VSAREA’s work, interpreting the true meaning of romance that belongs only to her. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
The brand’s 2022 Spring/Summer collection appeared on the designer Kavenliu’s New York Fashion Week ‘Space Art’. The three primary colors of Naples Yellow, Misty Pink, and Dark Blue intertwined with ‘Space Art,’ like the first rays of the morning sun, emitting a soft halo of light, shining on the blue-grey buildings, reflecting different grades of shades. It seemed that only this ray of sunlight knew how to turn a three-dimensional structure into a flat surface. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

It is a romantic pursuit, making life gentle and design sensual. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)