Cloud Sign on the Online Exhibition of Broadcast Asia 2021 Hosted by Singapore that Releases Development Potential of Chinese Audio-visual Technology Enterprises (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

发布日期:2021-07-16 12:12

On July 14, 2021, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau organized 20 radio and television companies and audio-visual technology enterprises to attend the China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion of Broadcast Asia 2021 hosted by Singapore. In the exhibition area, the innovative products and technological achievements of Beijing radio, television and network audio-visual technology enterprises will be fully displayed in the forms of online exhibition, cloud signing and live video broadcast, to accelerate the pace of Chinese brands going abroad. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
On the first day of exhibition in the live broadcast section, a total of 8 enterprises made their wonderful appearances. They broadcast live to promote and introduce their blockbuster products and corresponding solutions of various areas to domestic and foreign customers, to fully reflect the rich product structure and leading technology of attending companies in the radio, television and network audio and video fields. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
On the afternoon of July 14th, witnessed by Yang Peili, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Compunicate Technologies Inc. and Dayang Technology Development Inc. signed cloud contracts with partners from Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. This fully demonstrates the great potential of digitalization, networking, and intelligent development of Beijing's audio-visual technology in the post-epidemic era. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
Broadcast Asia 2021 is a three-day online event hosted by Singapore. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the global economy was deeply influenced, communication channels became poorer, and international economic and trade activities were reduced.
In this background, China (Beijing) Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion makes full use of digital technology, to help enterprises build cooperation platform. Through “cloud display" "cloud negotiation" and "cloud contract" and other forms, products are effectively exported and imported online and offline. This further promotes the transformation and upgrading of Beijing technology and innovation enterprises engaged in the fields of radio, television, and network audio-visual, and makes China's contribution to the development of global radio and television technology and the recovery of international trade.