2021 Taicang International Biopharmaceutical Innovation & Industrialization Summit brings the peak (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

发布日期:2021-07-08 15:09

On July 3rd, the 2021 Taicang International Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Industrialization Summit & Chinese Protein Pharmaceutical Quality and Technical Innovation Seminar opened in Taicang. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

Wang Xiangyuan, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, during his address. 
(Photo Credit: Taicang Media Center)

Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Wang Xiangyuan, said during his ad-dress that the biopharmaceutic industry of Taicang is growing fast and strong. “I hope that through this convention, everyone is able to further familiarize themselves with Taicang and bring more projects and gains here. We share opportunities and achieve success to-gether at Taicang, a hot-spot for pioneers of innovative commerce. We will do our best to establish a foundation and arena for commerce, as well as providing all with great service. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
Yang Xiaoming, the chair of the Chinese Protein Pharmaceutical Quality Alliance, said in his address that the alliance will actively participate and aid the development of Taicang’s biopharmaceutical industry, bringing more specialized professionals, technical achievements, and industrial projects, aiming to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation with Taicang. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

Scene at the Summit (Photo Credit: Taicang Media Center)

Pan Hongzhong, the director of Taicang’s Management Committee of the Biomedical In-dustry and Shaxi Town’s Party Committee Secretary, made a themed recommendation presentation. The presentation is named “Medicine, A New Technological Focus of Tai-cang.” Its theme is Taicang’s pharmaceutical industry.
Communication between Summit Attendees (Picture Credit: Taicang Media Center)

The aforementioned summit invited guests such as Fan Daiming (academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Yang Baofeng (academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Chen Kaixian (academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission Member Rao Chunming, and etc. The guests made predictive feature reports surrounding hot topics such as “Thoughts on Post-Pandemic Pharmaceutical Development,” “Progress on Oncology Drug Development,” and “Research on Quality Control of Biological Products for Treatment.”
In recent years, closely-following the guidance of the “11155” industrial development goals, Taicang has attached great importance to the biopharmaceutical industry and adhered to the principles of “taking the lead, supporting projects, fueling with innovation, and centralizing development.” As to date, Taicang has garnered over 200 biopharmaceutical enterprises with their yearly revenue exceeding 20 billion yuan. “Pharmacy Valley of Taicang” — Taicang’s biopharmaceutical industry continues to be on a fast rise. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
Taicang has continually given great and unfailing support to its biopharmaceutical industry. One such example is the introduction of the “Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of Taicang’s Biopharmaceutical and Health Industries.” Companies can receive up to 30 million yuan a year on clinical biopharmaceutical research, up to 20 million yuan a year on major science and technology projects on the provincial and ministerial level et al., up to 60 million yuan if they locate their headquarters to Taicang, and become recipients of preferential policies such as Case by Case on their major projects. Taicang has also introduced the “Several Measures on Accelerating the Accumulation of Talents in the Biopharmaceutical and Aerospace Industries to Create a Highland of Scientific and Innovative Industry Near Shanghai.” These measures focus on various levels of talents and teams of biopharmaceutics and released 15 supporting policies across four regions. Teams that are selected as major innovative and enterprisal groups are given up to 100 million yuan in comprehensive aid.
Continuing to fuel the biopharmaceutical industry with innovative vitality, Taicang has teamed up with ten institutions of higher education such as Northwestern Polytechnical University, Soochow University, and China Pharmaceutical University for technological breakthroughs, talent-training, and etc. Taicang has also continued to amplify the attraction from 6 R&D institutions of the new types such as the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University and Taicang. Furthermore, the biopharmaceutical companies of the city have built 17 provincial postgraduate working stations and 20 Engineering Technology Research Centers meeting the rank of Suzhou city and above.