What Makes an Electric Toothbrush Super Smart: Touch LED Screen & APP-based Brushing Plans (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

发布日期:2021-06-07 18:33

Oclean X Pro Elite made its debut in late March this year. This sonic toothbrush is competitive regarding functions, quality, and price. More importantly, it’s the first electric toothbrush that manages to have it both ways: super smartness and extreme quietness. Many electric toothbrushes claim to be smart, but they immediately go dumb once disconnected from a smart phone. That means every time you brush your teeth, you’ll have to keep your phone turned on and displaying in front of you. To address that inconvenience, Oclean decided to bring smart a step forward to super smart. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

Why does Oclean X Pro Elite qualify as super smart?
  1. Touch screen
It is the world’s first electric toothbrush with an interactive touch screen. You can change brushing modes, set up time and intensity, and see brushing results on the screen even when your phone is in another room. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
2Blind zone detection
This Oclean flagship has a built-in six-axis gyroscope and central chip loaded with integrated algorithm, motion algorithm and statistic methods. It’s able to monitor and analyze brushing data and show it on the screen independently from the phone. Of course, you can synch the data to the APP when you feel like for long term brushing habit tracking. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
3. Customized plans
Oral-b makes recommendations according to your oral condition from its limited off-the-shelf plans. Philips Sonicare brush heads have different built-in chips and thus different modes for you to choose from. As for Oclean, more than 20 professional brushing plans are available in the APP to match users of different oral conditions and eating habits. For example, it’ll recommend different plans for smokers, brace wearers and coffee drinkers. On top of that, it allows users to customize plans according to their oral disease conditions. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)
Oclean X Pro Elite also features Oclean exclusive noise reduction tech and wireless fast charge like on smart phones. (全球新闻稿发布、发布美国新闻)

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