OsteoForm launched its NMN globally to prompt the world into the era of centenarian (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

发布日期:2021-05-12 12:18

Anti-aging is a hot topic around the world, any breakthrough will attract much attention. There is demanding need for health and anti-aging with the development of economy and society. To meet the pursuit of longevity and rejuvenation, increasing amounts of anti-aging drugs and supplements are on the way. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

The health industry is among the biggest industry, has produced large consumer market. The COVID-19 pandemic raised anxiety globally. With the promption of the epidemic prevention and control,the need for health products and service surged and the health industry burst. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

The US takes the leading position in the development of global health industry. The US policies drive the technology development and advancement in this industry. It is showed that the market size of the US health industry is increasing from 2015, reached 170 billion US dollars in 2018, reached 174.27 billion US dollars in 2019, and break 179 billion US dollars in 2020. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)
Note: *The predicted market value is based on the retail value RSP of the current price, calculated at a fixed exchange rate in 2018
Data from data.iimedia.cn

Chinese consumers' demand for health continues to grow

In recent years, Chinese consumers upgraded their consumption concept, they showed strong desire for beauty and health. Chinese people place considerable value to body fit over family and mental satisfaction.
the amount of visits to clinics (100 million person-time)

With the visits to clinics increasing with year, Chinese people show strong demand for health. Large amounts of NMN products surged into Chinese market, they hyped and attracted much attention. In recent two years, hundreds of NMN brands break out in Chinese market. Redicine, the regenerative medicine sub-brand of Osteoform emerged under this context.  (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

About OsteoForm
The first OsteoForm capsule was manufactured at AMT Labs, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995 and revolutionized the technique of supplement with calcium by overcoming the drawbacks of inorganic calcium compounds. That’s where OsteoForm came about. Based on extensive scientific research, OsteoForm utilizes AMT’s proprietary chelate technology ChelaMax in its manufacturing process to provide readily bio-available and stable calcium, other trace minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and natural herbal products in the support of health to consumers across the world.

OsteoForm has experienced 26 years of development. In 2012, Innophos Holdings (NASDAQ-listed company, code IPHS) acquired the three largest chelated mineral manufacturers, AMT Labs, Kelatron and CMI, and completed the integration of the chelated mineral industry.
In addition, OsteoForm has a total area of more than 990,000 square feet (approximately 92,000 square meters) of world advanced pharmaceutical factories in Utah and Oregon, USA, and its production complies with FDA and GMP standards. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

The distribution channels of OsteoForm have covered 31 provinces and cities, partnered with more than 150,000 OTC chain pharmacy, also entered the major e-commerce platforms including Tmall, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Ali Health Pharmacy etc., served for more than 40 million family around the world. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

NMN has a bright future in China, and will continue to attract more market in the future

For a long time, longevity has been one of the ultimate dreams of mankind, and it has always been the important motivator for promoting social development and human progress, and has given birth to huge consumption potential. Modern medical advancement, especially like the inventions of antibiotics, vaccines, and public health have expanded the average life expectancy of human. Anti-aging products represented by NMN may drive China's health product market to the next leap.

According to authoritative statistics: in 2020, the market size of NMN in China reached 5.106 billion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 34.87%. The NMN market has been developing steadily over the past few years. It is expected that by 2023, China's NMN market will increase to 27.01 billion yuan. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

Market Scale and Forecast of NMN Health Products in China from 2019 to 2023 (million dollar)
Market Size (100 million yuan)Growth rate
Data from data.iimedia.cn

The boom in NMN market has attracted the enthusiasm of the capital market and enterprises,encouraged more scientific evidence of NMN discovered by researchers.Today, with the accelerated popularization of the mobile Internet, online channels have captured plenty of traffic dividends, and are well suited to the needs of health products by Chinese consumers. As a result, health products containing NMN ingredient are highly sought after by consumers in China, and the importance of online channels has therefore been significantly improved, and the commercialization of NMN has become increasingly mature. (全球发稿、全球发布新闻)

The searching popularity of Key word NMN on Tmall e-commerce platform between May to Sep 2020
Searching popularity
Note:data from Tmall backstage

At this time, the new anti-aging product NMN developed by Redicine, the regenerative medicine sub-brand of OsteoForm launches to make an effort in prompting the world step into the era of centenarian.