Geekvape’s Comprehensive Breakthrough of Safe Fast Charge Technology was Released Globally(美联社发稿、雅虎发稿)

发布日期:2021-04-07 16:07
Geekvape released safe fast charge technology today. The first introduced 65W safe fast charge technology gets fully charged in 15 minutes of 3700mAh battery capacity on premise of ≤45.8°C phone temperature. Applying two charge pumps in series, with a built-in AS FC chip, it coordinates with ten strict temperature controls newly added with temperature sensor to guarantee fast and safe charge with no heat and fully guarantee safe charge in high power by using initiative isolated charge pump technology.(美联社发稿、雅虎发稿)
The first applied safe fast charge technology will be beyond your imagination. The synergy of built-in AS FC chip and USB-PD power adapter achieves strong capability, accelerated charge and fixed temperature. With at most 45.8°C charging temperature, it should be charged safely under low temperature. (The test result in the GV laboratory shows that its actual charging temperature relates to the environment temperature). Fast charge charger, Type-C interface, AS FC chip, shunting gate and battery respectively form protective points, each of which contains three layers of protective screenings (protective screening of safe voltage, safe current and thermal monitor) amounting to 15 layers of protective mechanisms. Every abnormal fluctuation will trigger the protective mechanism rapidly.

Fast charge technology facilitates users again and changes their habits accordingly. They don’t need to worry about the security problem of overcharging battery at night or waiting for charge for a long time. On the contrary, they can use the device for two days after charging it just for 15 minutes. People enjoy the convenience brought by fast charge at the same time perceiving the advancement in charge. (美联社发稿、雅虎发稿)

This safe fast charge technology is mainly applied into Geekvape’s Obelisk series, which is inspired by obelisk in Ancient Egypt and used to praise the sun for granting life energy and keeping time. The Obelisk series indicates the mission of Geekvape constantly accumulating energy to race with time, energizing products and conducting pioneering innovation which are the original intentions of Geekvape creating the Obelisk series. Every technological revolution of Obelisk remains a breakthrough of achieving itself and rebuilding industrial standards.(美联社发稿、雅虎发稿)
Today, fast charge technology has entered a brand-new era, in which it’s applied in numerous fields such as phone and electric vehicles to redefine people’s lifestyle. The mission of Geekvape is to capture every opportunity to develop new products and it believes its consumers deserve better experience. Therefore, Geekvape lays out multi-terminal and multi-scenario zoology, bringing a new lifestyle for consumers.

It not only devotes to developing the performance of front-edge technological breakthroughs but achieving long-term and more diversified development by enriching product functions consistently. It just embarks the industry. New fast charge era is coming. No one knows the future of the industry. However, if the industry over the past decade showed us technological revolutions, then today’s quick charge era undoubtedly indicates another industrial milestone. And the future of the industry deserves the expectation of everyone.