Aiper Smart Launches Industry’s First Intelligent Cable-Free Wall-Climbing Pool Robot(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

发布日期:2021-02-17 14:13
This Robot AIPURY1400 Is a New Generation of Cable-Free Smart Cleaning Robot, Efficient at Measuring Swimming Pool Area to Provide Premium Cleaning Service.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

[AIPURY1400-Industry’s First Intelligent Cable-free Wall-Climbing Pool Cleaning Robot]

8 February, 2021 – Cleaning home, gardens, pools, and offices had never been so easy but the eminent intelligent cleaning robot production brand Aiper Smart has made it possible with its amazing cleaning machines. Founded in 2015, the company has so far manufactured lots of cleaning appliances and robots for both household and office requirements. They launched their first robotic pool cleaner in 2017 and now they have released a new generation of pool robot named AIPURY1400. It is an industry’s first robotic pool cleaner that intelligently examines the planning of routes and starts its working accordingly.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

AIPURY1400 Wall-Climbing pool robot is efficient at automatically measuring the shape and size of the swimming pool and optimizes the running routes according to these recorded states. What makes it different from other robots is its working mode. AIPURY1400 is powered by a built-in lithium battery pack so, there is no risk of cable twist or cable damage. Moreover, it has the capacity to work continuously for around 90 minutes and that is something incredible about this robotic pool cleaner.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

Aiper Smart is known for developing unique cleaning machines. AIPURY1400 has a “3 Motor” design that enables it to run approximately 11m/min with flexible steering in the water to give the effective cleaning of the pool wall and base. In addition to this, it has a strong suction power and an amazing filtration system that quickly sucks and collects almost all pool garbage such as leaves, small stones, dust, etc. and ensures premium pool cleanness and sanitation.

According to the head of R&D of Aiper Smart Company, Mr. William, “AIPURY1400 will be the most revolutionary product in the pool robot industry this year, which will greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning the pool for consumers. The product currently has entered the mass production stage and will be available on Amazon and aiper smart website in mid-early March 2021.”
Shenzhen based this company is an expert at building smart and intelligent pool cleaning robot, sweeping robot, lawn mowing robot, window cleaning robots, and much more. It has become everyone’s first choice to purchase cleaning appliances.
Website Quoted: “We are a cleaning innovator of home appliances, aiming to take care of your home in a smarter way. For now, our company – Aiper Smart is named on over 70 invention patents, utility model patents, and 300 global appearance patents.”