Victor Ai awarded Forbes 2020 Top 100 Venture Capitalist in China(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

发布日期:2021-01-05 12:22
BEIJING, CHINA – Recently, Forbes released the 2020 Top 100 Venture Capitalist list in China, the definitive ranking of the top investors of this year. Victor Ai is awarded one of the top 100 venture capitalists of this year in China. He is recognized for his excellent leadership and investment capabilities, and pioneer entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of cutting-edge smart economies. Neil Shen from Sequoia China, Hans Tung from GGV Capital and Hurst Lin from DCM Capital are among those on the list. (美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)
This list is created to honor and acclaim the individuals who remain eager to invest in growth and innovation in China. Victor Ai stands out in 2020 as the one among the most world-renowned individuals for his forward-thinking, strategic management and strong leadership skills. Over the past 11 years, he has closed over 100 deals with an AUM exceeding USD 10 billion. Over the last four years he has closed a series of signature deals in the new economy sector including amongst others, SenseTime, iQiyi, Netease Cloud Music, Xpeng Motors, NIO, Meituan as well as JD Logistics and China UnionPay.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

In addition to his distinguished work in investment in above sectors, Victor Ai is also a successful and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He founded Terminus Group in 2015, a world leading smart service provider, pioneering the new wave of high technology. Terminus Group always seeks to refine its business solutions and takes pride in its advancements made in the field of artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) and AI CITY establishment worldwide. As the only Chinese Premier Partner of the Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group will be more active on international markets and further expand into Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

By continuously refining its AI CITY projects, Terminus Group remains persistent in integrating more advanced digital solutions into one holistic multi-purpose digital platform to achieve the highest standard of urban digital services. Terminus Group will continue to contribute to the rapidly transforming world by creating valuable partnerships, engaging people, and eventually leading the era of the digital transformation worldwide.

According to Forbes, 29 Chinese companies went public on the U.S. stock exchanges, eight of which accomplished that goal in the third quarter of 2020. The total number of Chinese companies listed on the stock exchanges has reached 290, with the year 2020 surpassing the numbers from the last year by far.

About Forbes 2020 Top 100 Venture Capitalist in China

The list recognizes top 100 venture capitalists in China. It closely monitors the performance of China’s 200 most robust venture capital firms, which all have taken amazing opportunities by both being ahead of the curve and making even bigger and more aggressive bets on their future success. This data-driven list has been created based on the interviews with the investors and qualitative analysis of submissions by the companies’ partners in the past 5 years.