[Big News] United Capital Closed a Strategic Investment in HiRobot, Aiming to Jointly Launch the 1st IPO Project in Intelligent Security Robot Industry(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布 )

发布日期:2020-12-29 09:03
On December 23, 2020, United Capital and HiRobot Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed an investment agreement. As a strategic investor, United Capital will work together with HiRobot to build a leading integrated service platform in the multidimensional security robot industry, aiming to go public in three years and become the first stock of domestic intelligent security robot. (美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

Established at the end of 2017, HiRobot Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading mobile robot system integrator. Through its independently developed "Mobile Robot Integration Platform", HiRobot dispatches and controls all mobile robots and realizes the software and hardware docking with hundreds of mobile robot manufacturers. HiRobot has served many world's top 500 enterprises such as Foxconn, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Philips and Yankuang Group Co., Ltd., helping to upgrade the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics industries.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)

In 2020, HiRobot focused on creating the industry's first overall intelligent multidimensional security solution integrating key technologies including automatic driving + robot + unmanned aerial vehicle + cloud platform + edge computing + AI algorithm + 5G + wireless charging, which enabled traditional security and made our society safer. And it will be the strategic development direction of HiRobot in the future.(美通社全球发稿、全球新闻稿发布)
Architecture Diagram of the HiRobot 5G Multidimensional Security Robot
"Unmanned Vehicle + Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" Multidimensional Security Robot Originated by HiRobot

Jacky Wang, chairman of United Capital, said: "Investing in HiRobot is a major milestone for us to build a 5G intelligent industrial system. HiRobot has rich resources and experience in the fields of mobile multidimensional security robot and system integration. United Capital will provide more resources to help HiRobot in terms of strategic planning, business development and capital operation, and become a unicorn enterprise in the field of intelligent security robot.
Elon Yu, chairman of HiRobot, said: "We are very pleased to receive the tens of millions of investments from United Capital and their follow-up IPO strategic guidance. With United Capital as a strategic partner, HiRobot will quickly become the world's leading "provider of integrated solutions for intelligent multidimensional security robot" and enhance our global competitiveness.

About United Capital

United Capital is a leading industry + capital strategic integration service organization in China, which was founded in 2013 by Jacky Wang, former vice president of Alibaba Group, together with dozens of elite partners. United Capital pays close attention to the business innovation and development opportunities in the new economic era, and has initiated the service model of the innovation of industry and finance, namely, the combination of "strategy, resources and capital" . United Capital has already provided strategic consultancy or capital operation services for several industrial giants such as Foxconn, S.F. Express and Gome, and has also invested in unicorn enterprises such as Ubtech Robotics Corp, Xiamen ROPEOK Technology Group and Shanghai Aowei Supercapacitor. United Capital has a deep layout in such important industrial sectors as major consumption, circulation, health, culture, environmental protection, agriculture, IOT, new finance, shared economy and community commerce. It also focuses on scientific and technological innovation fields such as intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and provides high-quality enterprises with one-stop comprehensive services such as strategic advisory, capital operation and resource integration.