2020 Gannan Navel Orange Online Expo was held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi(美国新闻发布、欧洲新闻发布)

发布日期:2020-11-17 21:19

On Nov. 15, the 2020 Gannan Navel Orange Online Expo was held in Ganzhou, with the theme of “New Technology Contributes to High-quality Digital Enabling Industry Chain”.(美国新闻发布、欧洲新闻发布)

The conference was hosted by the people’s Government of Ganzhou City, organized by the CPC Nankang District Committee, Nankang District People’s government, Ganzhou agricultural and rural Bureau, Ganzhou Fruit Industry Bureau, Ganzhou Commerce Bureau, Ganzhou big data Development Administration Bureau, and Ganzhou City Network Information Office, and co-organized by the people’s governments of all counties (cities and districts), Ganzhou blockchain Technology Industrial Park and Ganzhou chain orange Technology Co., Ltd.(美国新闻发布、欧洲新闻发布)

The conference mainly showcases a series of achievements of the Gannan navel orange industry in the area of the digital economy, with the help of new technologies such as block chain, big data, Internet of Things and new digital means such as 5G live broadcast, social e-commerce and smart supply chain, so as to guarantee and enhance the brand value of the Gannan navel orange and promote the innovative development of the Gannan navel orange industry.(美国新闻发布、欧洲新闻发布)
(Li Bingjun, Deputy Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee, announced the opening ceremony began)

The main venue of the conference is located in Ganzhou City, with 10 sub venues in Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Tianjin, Suqian, etc., and network broadcasting rooms are set up in 20 counties (cities and districts) of Ganzhou City. Those network celebrities continuously carry out live broadcasting of high-quality products on the Gannan navel orange chain at the opening ceremony of the Expo and later stage.

The main venue in Ganzhou mainly showcases the innovative application effect of the Gannan Navel Orange quality brand traceability system, namely “the Gannan navel orange chain”. The blockchain technology is used to provide all-round high-quality services such as anti-counterfeiting traceability and supply chain finance, reduce the cost of merchants, enhance the brand value of Gannan navel orange, and promote the development of the Gannan navel orange industry.
(Gannan navel orange chain Traceability data visualization platform)

The Gannnan navel orange chain can effectively reduce the cost of merchants. At the same time, it is the basis for granting subsidies and providing services for reference. Merchants, enterprises and farmers settled in “Navel orange chain in Southern Jiangxi” can enjoy supply chain financial services.
(“The best orange”, the high-quality product on the Gannan navel orange chain and the new “Bit-orange ” product.)

By launching the new product ” The best Orange”, the quality product of the Gannan navel orange chain, the sub-conference in Beijing aims to set up the standard of quality standard of Gannan navel orange.

Other venues showcase the integrated development achievements of China’s food chain platform, cross-border e-commerce, digital cloud warehouse, 5G live-streaming and other new digital marketing methods with the Gannan navel orange industry, which are interconnected in ten ways to jointly boost the development of the Gannan navel orange industry.

Ganzhou is the orange township in the world, and Gannan navel orange is famous in the world. Ganzhou City concentrated its efforts to build the Gannan navel orange chain, a traceability platform of the. Gannan navel orange blockchain, using big data, blockchain, Internet of things and other technologies, so as to realize the recognition of Gannan navel orange, improve quality and income, protect consumers’ rights and interests, and protect the brand of Gannan navel orange. The purpose is to make the Gannan navel orange industry glow the new vitality and let the high quality of Gannan navel orange enter thousands of households.
(The signing ceremony)

The conference also held the signing ceremony of the Gannan navel orange chain related enterprises.