Online Friendly Communication Between Experts of Chinese Classical Lion Forest Garden and Italian Boboli Gardens(美国新闻发布 发德国新闻))

发布日期:2020-09-14 20:45
Sino-Italy Delegates Video Conference

On September 11, 2020, at 09:30am CEST, the online friendly communication between experts of Chinese classical Lion Forest Garden and Italian Boboli Gardens was successfully held. Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry, leaders of Lion Forest Garden and Italian experts of Boboli Gardens gathered on the Internet to exchange views on the cultural characteristics, heritage protection, tourism services and youth education of Lion Forest Garden and Italian Boboli Gardens. (美国新闻发布 发德国新闻)

At the beginning of the meeting, Chinese and Italian experts first introduced Lion Forest Garden and Italian Boboli Gardens respectively. The Lion Forest Garden has been built in the Yuan Dynasty and has a history of more than 670 years. It is one of the representatives of Chinese classical gardens, which is located in Suzhou, a famous cultural city with a history of 2500 years. Besides, Lion Forest Garden covers an area of 14 mu (almost 9333 square meters). Its elaborate design reflects the profound artistic conception of Chinese culture. At the 24th UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in 2000, Lion Forest Garden was formally inscribed in the World Heritage List.(美国新闻发布 发德国新闻)

During the meeting, both Lion Forest Garden and Boboli Gardens demonstrated their unique charms as representatives of classical gardens in China and Italy. The communication was pragmatic and efficient with fruitful results. Zhang Jie, the director of Lion Forest Garden Management Office, said: “We have established a friendly garden partnership with Italian Boboli Gardens, we have discussed and exchanged management experiences on heritage protection, strengthen publicity and try to hold exhibitions in each gardens, for introducing the precious historical and cultural heritage shared by mankind.” At the meeting, both sides have enhanced mutual understanding and deepened friendship by issuing mutual visit invitations and exchanging gifts with local characteristics.