Terminus Group AI City Smart Terminal Upgrade: A New Generation of Titan Robots Launched(美通社、美国发新闻通稿)

发布日期:2020-07-07 09:20
Recently, Terminus Group, the world's prominent AI City and smart service provider, has launched its new generation of Titan Robots. (美通社+美国发新闻稿)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA / June 29, 2020 / Terminus Group, the world's prominent AI City and smart service provider, recently launched its new generation of Titan Robots. Being an undeniable milestone in terms of hardware products offered, the company believes that the new line of products will be complementary to its existing AI/IoT-powered solutions.(美通社+美国发新闻稿)

The new generation of Titan Robot includes three lines of products, offering 6 distinguished separate models. The robots are designed to be fully operational in different work environments, including outdoor areas such as parks, tourist attractions, and other frequently visited outdoor public facilities which enable Titan Robots fully achieve the various requirements of differentiated scenes.
Besides, Titan Robots are also capable of delivering the service in indoor areas – buildings of commercial purpose, banks, power grid management facilities, and so forth. As the pandemic progresses in many countries, the robots have played a crucial role in indoor disinfection.(美通社+美国发新闻稿)

How does this happen?

Specifically, disinfection robots are equipped with an all-terrain mobile platform, enabling them to carry up to 15L of disinfection materials to carry out contactless fully automatic indoor services. Undoubtedly, this can free up a large workforce for other anti-pandemic actions.

Another favorable device introduced by Terminus Group is retail robot that supported with 5G networks connectivity by default, can be left unattended on the streets to perform its services. Some of its features include enabling full interaction with the customers via voice recognition technologies and performing precise point-to-point delivery service with a maximum load of 40kg. This means that with the help of retail robot, you can enjoy unmanned service, which can only happen in the imagination several years ago.

Furthermore, the Titan Robot has another product line-patrol robot, which can carry out real-time area monitoring, while also being equipped with a thermal sensing system. These days, all of us being affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Terminus Group's patrol robots provide invaluable assistance in helping local authorities better understand the safety hazards and undertake the necessary precautions. Terminus Group's service robots are also capable of delivering multi-dimensional interactive systems, which can ensure the highest quality experience using their audio-visual entertainment services, as well as accompanying both the children and the elderly.

In addition, these robots are equipped with three structural layers: a basic hardware setup, a base-line mechanic support layer and customizable software to support the basic operations of the devices. The core layer is equipped with Terminus Group's leading artificial intelligence technology, called SLAM algorithm technology, enabling the robots to perform human-like interactions. The business layer is a comprehensive open-source ecosystem, enabling full customization of the devices depending on different business scenarios. The company's next objective is the continuous expansion of its service capabilities and supplying its existing 8,000 smart projects with its brand new lines of products.