Data100 Insight Issues Report on Consumer Behavior & Attitude Change under the COVID-19 Influence

发布日期:2020-04-27 10:59
Apr 24, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- In times of a socio-economic crisis such as the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, growth becomes a more urgent question than ever. Each action that an enterprise takes at this stage is closely associated with translatable revenue. It is a matter of survival in terms of a brand’s image. Therefore, the importance of consumers’ data has been highly emphasized: knowing the consumers well represents the first step towards success.(美国发稿)
During this outbreak, data becomes the most expedient access to understanding the public's emotional response to the epidemic, their confidence, and correspondingly, the changes in consumption. Now Data100 Insight has proudly announced that it has recently issued a research based report on consumer behavior and attitude change in China under the influence of the global pandemic COVID-19. The report is titled ‘Consumer Behavior and Attitude Change in China under the Influence of COVID-19’, and it focuses on four key areas that have affected the Chinese consumer market the most: Change in Mindset and Values, Changes in Consumer Behavior, Post-epidemic Consumption Expectations and Implications for Business.
Starting from January 31 to March 30, Data100 has conducted four questionnaires on its online survey platform, covering 14269 samples in China. Through the examination of these data, insights and observations emerge, resulting in solid directional advice for business.
Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Beijing, Data100 Insight is a wholly owned subsidiary of KDG Group. As the leading provider of China Consumer Data Insights, Data100 Insight is an industry pioneer in China in launching online survey services. Moreover, the company has taken the concept of innovation in online research development to the next level by developing a nationwide online sample database of 5 million members. Furthermore, the company has also established a long-term strategic partnership with top Chinese internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD, and Baidu in data development. These partnerships enable the company to reach 10 million members nationwide.
In addition to consumer data Insights for China, the company also offers services such as Advertising Tracking, AI Data Acquisition, and Retail Channel Monitoring. Moreover, the company also takes great pride in offering the most timely, high quality and cost-effective online research across hard to reach B2B groups. Data100 Insight has issued this report regarding COVID-19 to pave the way for a healthy future not only for the consumers but also for the business sector in China. However, this report will also benefit businesses around the world in the spirit of getting back on their feet, once the threat of this deadly pandemic is over.
Data100 Insight will share the report via webinar on April 28.