The China Box global PR distribution system debut (美通社 PR Newswire)

发布日期:2020-06-15 11:30

In May 2020,, the English version website of The China Box specially for overseas customers, was launched for the trial period of 6-12 months. (美通社 PRNewswire)

The formation of The China Box global PR distribution system has gone through three stages. At first, The China Box only provided Chinese customers with publishing services on foreign media which are mainly from Europe and the US. Later, we have added the business of publishing articles on Chinese media for overseas customers. By June 2020, we are able to publish for any customer in 191 countries and regions. (美通社 PRNewswire)

Nowadays, we can help our American clients distributing and publishing in Japan, or help the Russian clients executing in Germany. The China Box is able to publish news on more than 160,000 media around the world, and we can also upload and promote video news releases on YouTube. (美通社 PRNewswire)

Since 2017, The China Box has started to provide American media publishing services for Chinese local companies. After that, overseas customers have put forward their demand for publishing releases in other countries. Besides China and the United States, releases can also be published in many other countries via The China Box distribution channels.

We had no idea how American customers searched or found The Chinese Box, or why they chose a Chinese company instead of an American local company to help them distributing releases in their own country. With a second think now, the reason is simple: no matter where customers are, they will choose better and cost-effective services.

The idea of The China Box global PR publication system has begunin around 2015. At that time, the long history and world leading newswire company benefited from their global PR distribution network and monopolized the foreign media distribution industry in China. By then, The China Box is keen to build a global PR distribution and publication system, which belongs to young professional Chinese companies to provide all customers cost-effective services. (美通社 PRNewswire)

We believe that in the coming 5-10 years, the focus of the PR distribution industry will increasingly shift to video and social, and the core of which is content. This is also why The China Box focuses on promoting video releases on YouTube and provides a package of the video production and the promotions.

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